Project Archives: Silenced Voices

Social change starts with listening to the stories of other people’s lives. With Silenced Voices, Inspire Solutions hopes to draw attention to some of the silences that we need to address in our very own communities.

We are therefore calling for the Dawson Community — its students and staff — to share, anonymously if they wish, their own experiences, or those of people they care about, with being disabled by an ableist society, living in poverty in a culture where our value is often defined by what we own, confronting racial profiling, or being affected by recent acts of physical violence or the traumatic legacy of harm that can cross generations. Of course, violence comes in many forms, and these are just a few possibilities.

This will be an ongoing call, and selections from the series, in whole or in part, will be posted periodically on this page. We cannot promise to post every story we receive but we hope to share many, and they can come in many formats – personal narratives, poems, interviews, art work and videos.

If you would like to share your story, simply send an email ( ) or MIO to Pat Romano from the Humanities Department.


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