Project Archives: Resist 2016

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the devastating act of violence that permanently altered our college community, Inspire Solutions has launched a new project that focuses directly on our culture’s widespread normalization of violence. Our goal is to mobilize the Dawson Community into building an educational culture of resistance that breaks the silences and subverts the messages that support violence in its many forms.

Our project has been created with the participation of Dawson students in an inaugural course, Imaging Violence and Nonviolence, which pairs together a Humanities course and a Cinema-Communications course. While teacher and Inspire Solutions founding editor Pat Romano has been examining the widespread acceptance of violence in our culture and the potential of nonviolence in the Humanities course, filmmaker and Cin-Com teacher, Kim Simard, has been leading our students in the creation of media projects that resist violence.

In #violenceseen, we present some of the photos taken by our students of the violence — both real and virtual — that permeates their daily lives, while their diverse Resist Violence projects are archived here

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