War Stories: A Dawson Peace Project (Winter 2014)

War Stories: A Dawson Peace Project was launched in Winter 2014 as part of our Waging Peace/Teaching War theme. We invited Dawson students, teachers and staff to reveal the ways in which their personal or family histories had been touched by war.  We sought stories that would promote the interests of peace by moving us to think about war through the lives of real people, who suffered and endured, and yet who often still found the capacity to care for others — friends and relatives, but also at time strangers and even enemies. Wars destroy and divide, but the war stories we received, which have been beautifully compiled by Dawson’s Peace Centre, remind us of the depth of our connections to others.


To access the PDF version of War Stories: A Dawson Peace Project, click here.

This project culminated with a powerful evening of storytelling. The following videos offer a look.


All the videos were produced by Dawson Cinema, Video and Communications graduate Schaël Marcéus.

 To see the project’s  poster created by Dawson Illustration and Design graduate, Lucas Zafiras, click here.


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