Subjects and Objects

Created by Sid Bruins

Subjects and Objects offers a poignant reminder that all of us have a story to tell. The individuals represented in this black and white photo series offered fragments of their voices, providing almost a voyeuristic experience to the viewer, who could not help but be provoked into thinking how often we encounter others, particularly those living on the margins, without a thought about their lives.




This exhibit was put together by the students in Pat Romano and Kim Simard’s Imaging Violence and Nonviolence course in Winter 2018.

We would like to thank the numerous people and groups who supported this endeavor, including in no order: 

Matthew Ste-Marie, Karen McCrae, P&F, Security, Yann Brouillette, Dana Dragamir, Liam Lachance, Eva Helms, Learning Communities, SSAP, Peace Centre, Inspire Solutions, It Happens Here, Women’s/Gender Studies, Cinema-Communications, ALC Festival, The Cafeteria, and so many more! 

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