This is My Culture

Created by Chamara Kane

These two juxtaposed images question the frequent appropriation of black culture by a dominant white society, far too often ignorant of what it really means to be a person of color in Canada. The beautiful young women, asserting “This is my culture,” exude an image of confidence, as they challenge us to be more aware of the racism and inequality in our own communities.


This exhibit was put together by the students in Pat Romano and Kim Simard’s Imaging Violence and Nonviolence course in Fall 2017. We would like to thank the numerous people and groups who supported this endeavor, including in no order:


Dawson Peace Centre
Sustainable Dawson
Cin/Com Department
Learning Communities
Inspire Solutions
Women’s/Gender Studies
The Hive
The Cafeteria
FOODCHAIN for their wonderful food       


Karen McRay
Karina D’Ermo
Matthew Ste-Marie
Carey-Ann Pawsey and crew
Sustainable Dawson and the Cafeteria
Alex Corej (for his photo and video documentation)
the many other generous students and staff for posing for pictures and involving themselves in this project


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