Real Life Instagram

Created by Karla Heisele, Gabriel Masi, Alejandro Sanchez, Natasha Trottier, and Lani Williams

Our addictive feeds of fitness models, exotic travel, and photo-perfect moments don’t often match with our comparatively humdrum and badly lit lives. A growing body of research suggests social media is contributing to mental-health problems, such as anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, and body-image issues in young people, who are the heaviest users of social media (The Royal Society for Public Health UK)

With Real Life Instagram, we are eliminating“likes” and creating a non-objectifying platform where only positive comments are permitted. Our goal with this wall is to get people to understand the consequences of supporting a platform where WE are being measured by “likes,” and seeing an alternative way of spreading the love in social media.

During the exhibit, visitors were invited to leave positive comments on the pictures displayed on the instagram wall or add their own pictures helping to create the effect of having a live Instagram feed.


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