Powder Keg

Created by Dana Raad

This piece is titled Powder Keg in reference to gun powder barrels; for those who experienced Lebanon’s Civil War from 1975 to 1990 and the peace that was built in the years that followed, there remains an understanding that peace is always fragile. The two testimonials offered in this video remind us of the suffering caused by war, but these powerful voices also also send out a message of hope. The road to peace might not be an easy one, but it is possible. People can rebuild entire communities by doing what we do best, coming together for a common purpose.

“And that’s when I learned the value of life, when I saw how easy it was for someone to be killed.”

“Why do I still live in Lebanon? Well because these are my roots. I lived through the war.”

Rashed Bohsali, University Professor and Artist

“I remember the missiles and their sound, how once I was studying and a missile passed about two inches from my head before falling on the balcony.”

“I chose journalism and the media because I wanted to be the heard and to be the voice for those who’ve lost theirs…I know how peace is fragile and how it can be stolen, as well as how important its preservation is.”

Tanya Awad, Nonviolent Communication and Mediation Trainer


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