Do They Know?

Created by Jordan De Melo-Chenoy, Kenny Gourdet, and Moushi Hussain

“Do They Know?”is the title of a story written by a survivor of sexual assault for Dawson’s It Happens Here project. In this short film, different people read and react to this testimony, reminding us that anyone can be sexually assaulted, as well as the power of listening to the stories of survivors.


It happened there. At his place. In his bed.
There was a party the night before.
We drank. Laughed. Some might even have danced.
We kissed and went to his bed for more.
We were drowsy, we were tired.
I fell asleep to be woken up the next morning.
His hands on me, he starting kissing me.
One thing led to another.
Until his hands were on my head,
pushing me toward his tool.
As he sees me pushing my head backwards.
He gives an ultimatum. Fellatio or sex.
Frozen, I had to choose my least worst.
When I left his house, his odor on me
the marks of my teeth on my lips
left me feeling dirty and used.
I remember looking at the other passengers on the bus
and wondering, do they know?


The artists would like to thank Luka Bozic, Raffaela Furfaro, Ryan Leitner, and Dana Raad for their participation in the film.

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